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Against All Odds (DVD)
Against All Odds (DVD)
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A remake of Jacques Tourneur's noir classic Out of the Past (1947), in this version a labyrinthine web of corruption touches on the world of pro football. When an injury-riddled body causes pro football player Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) to be cut by his team, Jake Wise (James Woods), a shady gambler friend, hires him to locate his spoiled, erratic girlfriend Jessie (Rachel Ward). Terry's attempt to glean Jessie's whereabouts from the girl's coldly aristocratic mother (Jane Greer) leads to a lucrative counteroffer to keep Jessie away from Jake if he finds her. After refusing, Terry heads for scenic Cozumel, where he eventually runs down the stunning young woman. A mutual attraction quickly develops and the pair are less than eager to return to California. Painfully, Terry tells Jessie about his involvement in a betting scandal which has put him under Jake's control. Meanwhile Jake, who is angered by the delay, senses that something is going on, and sends Terry's conditioning coach, Sully (Alex Karras), to find the couple. When he finally locates them, sweatily making love in a Mayan temple, tragedy ensues, spinning the ill-fated Terry into a world of boundless deceit and corruption.

Theatrical Feature Running Time: 122 mins

Complete Cast:
•    Rachel Ward - Jessie
•    James Woods - Jake
•    Jane Greer - Mrs. Wyler
•    Dorian Harewood - Tommy
•    Saul Rubinek - Steve
•    Bill McKinney - Coach
•    David Dayan - Car Valet
•    Jon St. Elwood - Ahmad Cooper
•    Jophery Brown - Stunts
•    Billy Burton - Stunts
•    August Darnell - Kid Creole
•    Sam Scarber - Assistant Coach
•    Allen Williams - Bob Soames
•    Ron Rondell - Stunts
•    Carey Loftin - Ferrari Stunt Driver
•    Jonathan Terry - Ryskind
•    Jeff Bridges - Terry
•    Alex Karras - Hank
•    Richard Widmark - Caxton
•    Swoosie Kurtz - Eddie
•    Pat Corley - Ed
•    Carl Ciarfalio - Sully Stunt Double
•    Tamara Stafford - Kirsch's Girl Friend
•    Mel Scott-Thomas - Quarterback
•    Ted White - Guard with Dog
•    Buddy Joe Hooker - Stunts
•    Dennis Scott - Stunts
•    Dick Ziker - Stunts
•    Ginger LaBrie - 2nd Receptionist
•    Paul Valentine - Councilman Weinberg
•    Bud Davis - Stunts
•    Tom Kelly - Football Announcer

Director(s):Taylor Hackford

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