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WowWee Roborover
WowWee Roborover

Item Price:Php 4,999.75
Shipping Cost: Php 99.00
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Roborover  is an easy-to-use robot buddy, who is always ready to explore with you! A little shy at first, give him commands using the remote controller to help him become bolder! His personality and speech become more sophisticated the more you play with him.


- Roborover has a fun and adventurous personality that grows as you play with him!

- His remote control is simple and easy-to-use, perfect for young explorers!

- Tread-based motion allows Roborover to roll over rough terrain and up inclines – he’s made for exploration!

- Whether it’s night time or a dark closet, light up the way with a working headlight!

- Play fun interactive games with Roborover including Tomb and Swamp

- Roborover can detect obstacles and avoid them on his own!

- Eyes and mouth light up when he talks

Age: 6 Years +

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