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Chicco Light Blue Boppy Cover
Chicco Light Blue Boppy Cover

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Chicco Light Blue Boppy Cover

Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow comes complete with a slipcover or as a “Bare Naked” version. Boppy has an exclusive and unique collection of slipcovers so every mum can find one that suits her taste. Boppy comes in so many different patterns and fabrics (cotton, cotton-polyester or plush) that it is easy for mums to choose the one that’s just right for her.

Elected “Baby Product of the Year” in America by consumers for an outstanding six years in a row, future mothers see Boppy as an essential asset to help them face this new and unique experience more confidently! The Boppy range proposes the ideal solution for every need.

It includes

- the Boppy Bare Naked pillow which can be customized with any Boppy slipcover
- the Boppy pillow complete with the slipcover
- slipcover for the Boppy Bare Naked pillow or as a spare for the Boppy pillow that comes with a slipcover


The Boppy infant pillow gives mum the correct amount of support while breastfeeding, whatever her position; it helps her find a comfortable pose, with her back upright which reduces tension in the arms, neck and shoulders. This will prevent fatigue and aching muscles, whatever position she chooses. Boppy provides the baby with the correct amount of support, helping him to maintain a comfortable and natural position whilst sucking. A natural position is essential for relaxing and peaceful breastfeeding, and it greatly reduces the risk of the baby swallowing too much air and regurgitating his feed.


After feeding a baby needs his own special place where he can relax, with his head propped up slightly so he can digest his feed properly and not regurgitate.

Tummy Time

When a baby lies on his tummy, it strengthens the muscles in his neck and back and develops his coordination skills that will help him to start crawling


It is natural for a baby to find it difficult to keep his balance and learn to sit upright. It is therefore essential to protect him with something that embraces him whilst providing adequate support.


Boppy has scientifically studied ergonomic shape to ensure mother and baby breastfeed in exactly the right position.  The "Miracle Middle Insert", is an exclusive insert that guarantees a snug and secure fit which adapts to the shape of every mum, and it will not deform however often you use it. The exclusive internal padding and the "Miracle Middle Insert" guarantee that Boppy will keep its shape over time. Boppy is super-soft to the touch and has a special internal padding that supports the baby gently but firmly.

Boppy Slipcover ONLY... Boppy Pillow SOLD SEPARATELY...

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