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Philips 11.6-inch Netbook bag SLE5110AN
Philips 11.6-inch Netbook bag SLE5110AN
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Item Price:Php 2,499.00
Shipping Cost: Php 120.00
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I'm cool so you can be comfortable
with HeatProtect

Place your netbook on the rigid side so the HeatProtect layers with aluminium foil stop
heat build-up and the softer side is comfy on your lap. With a detachable strap for use as a bag or sleeve, it has compartments for all your accessories.

I protect you and your notebook
• HeatProtect layers prevent heat build-up
• Stable surface to rest your netbook on
• Comfortable to use on your lap

Looks after your notebook
• Rubberised scratch-free zips

Take me anywhere
• Detachable strap for use as a carry sleeve or shoulder bag
• Wide mouth, easy to slip your netbook in
• Portable, lightweight for your netbook

I'll carry your things
• Many pockets for storing your accessories
• Protects your netbook from scratches


HeatProtect prevents heat
You use your netbook on your lap to watch videos on a train, listen to music at the beach and browse the net, chat with friends or work on documents when you are at the airport. But over time the heat generated from sustained use makes your legs feel uncomfortable and could damage your netbook. Philips HeatProtect protects you and your netbook by keeping you both cool with its layer of aluminium to disperse the heat from your netbook, rigid surface to give it the air circulation it needs and an insulating layer to protect you from high temperatures.

Stable surface for the netbook
If you use a magazine as a desk on your lap it is very slippery and is not a stable surface for your netbook, especially when you want to assume a comfortable position for your body. And you might damage your netbook if it slides off. The Philips Netbook Sleeve has a flat top surface for your netbook and a soft underside for your lap, so you can keep your netbook stable and secure while you watch YouTube, listen to music or work on documents anywhere you go.

Comfortable to use on your lap
Soft, comfortable underside for your lap

Use as a sleeve or bag
With a detachable strap so you can carry it like a sleeve or wear it as a shoulder bag

Portable lightweight
You buy a netbook because it is light to carry. The Philips Netbook bag is designed using lightweight material, so you can carry your netbook comfortably anytime, anywhere.

Storing your accessories
The Philips Netbook bag also has many compartments to keep your accessories in place and a specially designed pocket to carry your netbook power adapter.

Rubberised zips
Your netbook or notebook might get scratched by the zip head when you put it into your sleeve or bag. The Philips sleeve and bag use a rubberised zip puller to reduce the possibility of your netbook and notebook being scratched as well.


•Colour: Grey with mango zip

•Top rigid surface: EVA
•Bottom soft surface: Durable neoprene
•Interior fabric: Suede fabric

Weight and dimensions
•Fits up to notebook size: 11.6" (30 cm)
•Fits up to notebook dimension: 290 x 209 x 38 mm

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